What Is Open Go?

Open Go is a conference that will focus on the open source community within the Go ecosystem. First, it will provide talks that will prepare and teach people how to effectively get involved and participate in open source projects. Second, it will present some of the best open source Go projects today and give attendees the opportunity to participate in workshops around these projects.

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Miami, FL - March 2019

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Event Speakers

What we want is to deliver jaw dropping content, a valuable learning experience, and moments that will inspire our attendees to innovate. Proposals will be submitted through papercall.io

William Kennedy

Emcee Managing Partner

Ardan Labs

Carolyn Van Slyck

Service Catalog Senior Software Engineer


Carlisia Pinto

Heptio Ark Senior Systems Software Engineer


Matt Holt

Caddy Graduate Research Assistant

Brigham Young University

Manish Jain

Dgraph Founder & CEO

Dgraph Labs

Mark Bates

Buffalo Co-founder

Gopher Guides

Cassandra Salisbury

Go Developer Relations Program Manager


Nic Jackson

Terraform Developer Advocate


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